"The rabbit of the Kovács family jumps out from the forest and lies down on the grass."

Translation:Kovácsék nyula kiugrik az erdőből és lefekszik a fűre.

November 18, 2016

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Two questions: do family names always take -ék in these situations? And is it wrong to put "A" before Kovácsék?

I kind of understand why those rules would apply but it gets a bit confusing without proper explanation.


It could be "Kovács család" but if you choose to go the "-ék" way then yes, it is always "-ék".
And yes, you can add an "A" if you want.


Actually, I was marked wrong for typing: "a Kovácsék nyúla kiugrik az erdőből és lefekszik a fűre".

I will report it!


Thanks, it makes sense because there surely are many Kovácsék in Hungary and you want to make clear whether you are talking about them or about blacksmiths (kovácsok).


Exactly! And even if the name ends in a vowel, you still add "-ék":
"Szabó" - "Szabóék". Or: "a Szabó család".

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