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Duo Shop!!! Buy your own Duo here!

Hi! Welcome to my shop selling pictures of Duo!
There's an original shop here (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13256019) but as of November 2016 it's not active :(

...So, I have decided to create my own shop.

I give full credit to QQJoy for the ideas about the birds!


-----Not personalised Duos ------

Normal Duo - 0 lingots


-----FREE Duos-----

Jumping http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/1.png

Tracksuit http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/3.png

Golden http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/4.png

Graduate http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/5.png

Hurt http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/6.png

Sunglasses http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/7.png

Trophy http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/8.png

Black http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/9.png

Hatching http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/11.png

Black Hatching http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/10.png

Egg http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/12.png

Astronaut http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/13.png

Waving http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/20.png

Waving Trainer http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/24.png

Trainer http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/25.png

Looking Up Trainer http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/28.png

Crying http://joelhistory.site11.com/Duolingo/26.png

-----Trophy Duos-----

10 lingots each

Pick any language on Duolingo for one of these!

-----Personalised Duos-----

Colourful Duo - 10 lingots

Background Duo - 10 lingots

Animal Duo - 20 lingots

Occupation Duo - 30 lingots

Famous Person Duo - 30 lingots

Examples of customised Duos




-----Duo of the Month-----

November's Duo - Poppy Duo


Price - 10 lingots


If you are not happy with your Duo you can claim a 50% refund within the first week, if you complain to me!


Awards are given to customers who buy many Duos. Here are the awards you can win:

Regular Customer : Get 2 Duos : Get free background

SuperRegular : Get 3 Duos : Get 75% off a Duo

Always in the Shop : Get 5 Duos : Get a free Duo

Millionaire : Spend 100 lingots here : Get a free Duo and 25 lingots refund

Sold Out : Get 6 Duos : Get 50 lingot refund

-----Duo Raffle (Credit to QQJoy for idea)-----

Raffle ends 14 December 2016

Price per ticket - 2 lingots

1st prize - 1 free Duo, 50% off 2nd Duo, 5 lingots

2nd prize - 1 free Duo

3rd prize - 75% off a Duo

Winners of Last Raffle:

1st prize : IToochPlayer

2nd Prize : TffanyC2016

3rd prize : Hannahxf

-----Raffle entries-----

November 18, 2016




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There, all cleaned up!


How did you do it?


I used my account and my other accounts to down vote all the comements.


Can I have a iTooch Duo please?


I'd like to enter!


Is it possible to make me a dark orange Duo with my name and a Ukrainian flag backround? If not, that's fine. Oh, and please tell me how much that will be. I have plenty of lingots so it doesn't really matter. :)


I'll make it tomorrow! That'll be 20 lingots


Thanks! Here are the lingots.


Thanks! It's perfect!


Glad you like it


Can I have a golden Duo?


Hey could I maybe have a background? It would have to be a sky blue Duo on a German flag background with my username in the middle of duo? I would like to see a sample image to see what it would look like. I promise I will give you the lingots if I decide to use the image. If you need a reference so you know that I tell the truth, talk to Ian Shales. I hosted an XP contest with a NO FEE entry. Originally though, I decided to do a 5 lingot entry fee. He thought I would steal everyone's lingots so he asked me to give him 5 lingots and if I was telling th truth and gave him 5 lingots then he would give them back and give me another five. I did just that. He later one the contest after I declared that it was a free contest and I gave him the winning prize of 20 lingots out of my own pocket. So be sure to contact him! Thanks!


What do you mean by a sample image?


Like an image to see what it would ook like


So basically the finished product


did you not see the first big comment, duh


Sorry i was cranky, all i what to see is what the sample product would look like.


I don't like this idea to sell things here, even for lingots. Every kind of help should be free! Your artwook is really good, I don't like the fact it's not free, if people start to make their help paying, it's bad.


I don't get what you mean. Am I "helping" Duolingo users or am I selling things?


This was probably wrong place to pay but thanks for artwork


How do I buy it?

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