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Typo check, take it further

It is demotivating to lose an exercise due to a silly typo. Be it an actual typo (such as writing wide instead of wife) or forgetting something like an -s for a plural form.

So why not take the typo check further. If the user gets it wrong by a single letter, display a message like:

"Oops, are you sure you want to check your answer? Check again for mistakes" and then when the user clicks "check" one more time it gives the final answer.

February 12, 2013



I like that idea. I sometimes make typos, then lose a heart becuz of that. I woul like your idea added on duolingo. Good thinking:)


You are actually not penalized for mistyping a single letter, so the website is pretty forgiving as it is. It doesn't have to be easier for me.

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If your mistake is a word in the language you're typing, then it is considered an error.


I take it you meant "learning" in stead of "typing". I understand why it is considered an error, but sometimes I overlook a typo and I have to redo a test, just for one silly mistake in a word I have known for years but accidentally misspelled. It would be nice to have the "I know I was wrong, I just made a typo"-button :) This is totally not about making things easy, I have no intention of fooling myself. I want to learn the language.


No, you could be translating either way in a lesson, which means you could be typing either language.


I was penalized for literally 1 letter just yet. I know spelling is important, but typos happen.


Once I meant to type wife but I typed wide by accident, you can see f and d are next to each other on the keyboard. It happens sometimes and if it is a typo it was because of a single letter.


A good idea. Someone else has commented that Duolingo doesn't penalize you for mistyping a single letter but in fact it certainly does if your typo has produced another word. So, in the example of 'wife' and 'wide', Duolingo has no way of knowing that it's a typo, whereas if you had typed 'wief' it would probably pick it up as one. I agree it is frustrating to lose points over something you know is a typo. But I'm not sure there is really a way around this. Perhaps a 'check your answer' for every incorrect answer? I don't know. For me, the issue really only arises in the timed rounds; in the 'normal' lessons, I have time to check my answer before hitting 'enter'. But this brings us back to the old debate about timed rounds. I'm for making the timing optional, as it is in the 30 second timed rounds.

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