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  5. "Họ sẽ mua tập đoàn này?"

"Họ sẽ mua tập đoàn này?"

Translation:Will they buy this corporation?

November 18, 2016



From the Japanese-originated Sino-Japanese compound 集團 shuudan (unaccented), written 集団 in post-WWII Japanese.

  • Mandarin: jítuán
  • Cantonese: jaahptyùhn
  • Hokkien: chi̍p-thoân


Is it optional to put "khong" at the end of the sentence since it's a yes/no question?


This is almost phrased to indicate surprise. Of course, you can't tell context by a single sentence, so it is frustrating when DL zaps không, phải không, or ư'.


If someone said this out loud in Vietnamese, would anyone be able to tell if it was a question or a statement? Wouldn't it sound exactly like: They will buy this corporation.


I think in this case since it ends in này it doesn't need the question word không. Would need verification from someone who knows for sure though.

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