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What are your reasons for studying Romanian?

As a polyglot, I have a different reason for each language that I've studied and as a native speaker of Romanian I'm very interested in learning what drives other people to study my language. So what got you started with Romanian?

November 18, 2016



I'm going to Moldova in June with the Peace Corps! :) Although they provide language training, I want to learn as much as possible before I go.


I have great respect for this. ^


I visited Romania in 1994 and loved the landscape and the people. I nearly took a degree in Romanian and East European studies, but chose science at the last moment, which was a big mistake.

I love the way the language sounds and I would love to go back one day. I'm two days in to the course and love it.


Was the degree course at University College London? If not, well that would be the best place to study it.


I want to learn every Romance language


Hey cool, we have the same goal. Sort of.


My sister's friend can sing 'Jesus Loves Me' in Romanian, and I want to do it to her to surprise her. Also, I am interested in most European languages, so Romanian seemed like a good one to learn.


Because I fell in love with how this language sounds!


The national anthem of Romania is flipping fantastic...

that's why



It sounds amazing. It's better than constantly reciting God Save The Queen.


Haha are you british?

Because it's "My country 'tis of thee!"


The national anthem situation in the UK is so confusing xD In football games and pretty much everywhere we use God Save the Queen. However, in England (where I come from) we don't officially have a national anthem. Our unofficial anthems are Jerusalem Land of Hope and Glory.

PS: It's not "My country 'tis of thee" it's "God Save the Queen"


The tune is thought to have originated in the 1630s, and was printed with the lyrics for God Save the King in 1745. By contrast, the lyrics for My Country 'Tis of Thee was written in 1831. So God Save the King is at least 86 years older, probably more, and the tune is two centuries older than My Country 'Tis of Thee.


I know I was just kidding


If you guys liked the anthem, then I recommend this version by Paula Seling:



Have you heard Romanian? All those ul's and a-breves make the language so beautiful and since I know French, Bulgarian and Ukrainian and bits of lots of other Slavic/Latin languages so the vocabulary is insanely easy to remember :D


I visited Romania in 2008 and have a friend who's written a children's book in both English & Romanian. So I want to appreciate the beauty of the Romanian "side" of the book.


Because it's the only Eastern Romance language and linguistically very interesting.


Aren't there 4 eastern romance languages? (Romanian, Aromanian, meglano-Romanian, Istro-Romanian). Apparently some Italo-Dalmation languages are sometimes considered eastern romance languages too by some however I haven't really done much research on italo-Dalmation languages so im not really sure what they're classified as.


It's always been one of the more interesting Romance languages to me, probably mostly because it's less typically learned.

But now that mild interest is receiving extra impetus from the fact that I sometimes visit a Romanian church and would like to be able to understand it better. If it weren't for that, I'd probably have picked a different language before Romanian, but as it is, I waited to start a new language till Romanian came out.


A couple of years ago we started hiring some Romanians on my team in the company where I work. Since then I've visited Romania several times, and I lived in Bucharest for 9 weeks last summer. My Romanian colleagues all speak good English, but I love the idea of being able to get to know them in their own language. I've loved learning about Romanian history, culture, art and architecture.

I enjoy studying foreign languages in general.


Eurovision 2015. The Romanian entry was by far my favourite. Deeply moving and powerful. And it really showcased the beauty of the language. I wanted to learn because of that. It doesn't hurt that Romania has a wealth of archaeological discoveries dating back to the earliest human occupation of Europe, giving me a good excuse to visit when I can afford to, so knowing some Romanian would be a good idea for that too.


I was born in Moldova and had been living in it for 17 years, but shamefully I don't speak the language. Now it's the time to learn it.


My husband was born in Romania and we want to teach our kids - we're expecting our first baby any day now!

  1. It's a language. 2. It's fun. :D


Are you just doing all of these languages for the fun of it too? Good luck learning!


Mainly, plus I've got a French exam next year :)

¡Gracias, y usted también!


Cool! I mainly do Spanish on Duolingo because I use it to review vocabulary for my Spanish class.


I'm studying it a little. Mostly out of curiosity; it seems pretty unique as a Romance language.


A really good friend of mine is Romanian, and when I went out there last year, I found the language beautiful, with it's mix of influences. I'm going back there this December, and want to know the basics.


My father and his side of the family are Romanian (and my mother is Danish). I met my father about 4 years ago, but since my father moved to Spain with his new wife and two sons I focused mainly on learning Spanish so I could communicate with them, since it was simply easier to find Spanish teachers here in Denmark. However, I'm very glad that Romanian is now available here on Duolingo, since it is my family's language after all and the rest of his side of the family only speaks Romanian. I'm really hoping to learn enough to be able to communicate with them one day, but the language is so different from anything else for me. Does anyone know some nice websites for learning Romanian that can be used to supplement Duolingo? I feel like I kind of need to supplement Duolingo with something that goes more in detail with explaining the grammar rules etc. in order to understand the language more... Hugs from Denmark <3


There's a discussion thread on Duolingo about Romanian resources: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19075872


Working in the industry that I do (agriculture), I've met people from many different countries. If they speak a foreign language, I get them to teach me a word/phrase from it. (I also buy a Lonely Planet phrasebook of said country/language, so I have a stack of over twenty at home. Of course, this was before I found Duolingo, etc.)

As for Romanian specifically: I encountered a truck driver at my workplace who was originally from Romania. I got him to teach me how to ask "How are you" ("Ce faci"). Some months later, another Romanian-born trucker came to my workplace...and you can imagine how his face lit up when I asked him "How are you" in his native tongue.

Long story short: I love surprising ESL people with their own language:)


As a native Greek speaking I would like to learn all Balkan languages. Romanian is the only Romance one. And moreover so many Greeks had been immigrated to Romania in the past, many of them are still living there and have families there. I have been to this country twice and I have many friends there. I wish I could go again. Also, in memory of my beloved Romanian friend D. with whom I had to speak in English or French, I wish I could speak with her in her language, a nice soul,one of the most gentle ever met. I wish I have enough time to study Romanian, as I have got involved in many languages already and I cannot have the time to learn all. Another criterion is to compare Romance languages. It seems that a good knowledge of Latin we had been taught at school make things easier. Even in English, that is partly a Romance language.


Romanian was my first language, but then I was adopted by Americans and forgot how to speak Romanian. Now I am having fun relearning.


I started learning Romanian nearly three years ago. I have some Romanian friends. In 2014 I had the most amazing time of my life. I visited Cluj-Napoca, Chisinau in Moldova and Constanta. Since then I have returned four times. Now I have seen Sibiu, Ploiesti, Sinaia and a few others places. I love Romania and so much about the Romanian people and the culture. There are many Romanian people who speak English but there are many who don't speak English. I have an ambition to live in Romania one day, maybe not forever but for a year or so. Duolingo is helping me a lot. However, I have discovered that I really don't know so much of the language just yet.


I think it is a linguistically interesting language, derived from latin but influenced by many other languages. And my fiance's father is originally from Romania.


I just love how it sounds. It's the perfect mix of Latin and Slavic languages. It's one of the most melodic languages in my opinion. And I also have dear friends who are Romanians. :)

Pur și simplu îmi place tare cum sună. E amestecarea perfectă a limbilor latine și slavice. E una dintre limbile cele mai melodice după părerea mea. Și am prieteni dragi care sunt români. :)

Corrections are always welcome! :)


You're sentences are nearly perfect, but it'll sounds great like..."E/este amestecarea perfectă a limbilor"... (because, you know, you just swap the noun with the adjective, and so on...) Well done and good luck with your languages!


Pur și simplu îmi place mult cum sună. Este o combinație perfectă a limbilor latine si slavice. După părerea mea, este una dintre cele mai melodice limbi care există. Și am prieteni dragi care sunt români. :-)


It came out and I thought I would try a few lessons to hear it and see what it like. I was expecting to drop it after a few lessons since I'm not generally attracted to romance languages. So far I'm still enjoying it so I will keep going. It's a very beautiful language.


I'm half Romanian, so half of my relatives speak it and little English. I'm learning it to communicate with them and I also enjoy the sound of the language.


Though mostly Irish, I have minuscule Hungarian ancestry (Szekleys from Romania), and I am strongly interested in both languages along with other Balkan languages like Turkish and Serbo-Croatian. Romanian is fascinating where it was the only Romance language east of the Danube to survive and thrive, and I love the influx of Slavic, Hungarian, and Turkish words with all of them impacting the sound and flavor of the language to varying extents. It is also the closest to Latin grammatically speaking, and I absolutely love the case system. Futhermore, I love the aesthetics of the language. All of the tails on the t's make me quite happy when I see them.


Ok, so I could give the answers about how it sounds cool, it's really interesting that it's a Romance language that sometimes doesn't feel like a Romance language - and that's really nifty. Also, I rather like the orthography.

But if you want the embarrassing truth? I'm currently mildly obsessed with Castlevania, which is set in Wallachia. ....So. Basically, vampires. (I'm...I'm so sorry to any Romanians - your language really is very pretty, and I'm glad I got curious enough to look into it! I'm just sorry it was because of vampires.)


After reading all of those interesting comments above, I have nothing to say/write. Because I was not born in Romania/Moldova, I don't have any Romanian/Moldavian relatives, friends or other acquaintances. And of course, I haven't been there, too. Thanks to the band O-Zone, I know how this language beautiful is and sounds incredible. Actually the pronunciation was not tough for me. Comparing with other Romance languages this one is unique, because it has Slavic influences(one of my native languages is Slavic). It also has cases, genders, which I find very interesting. In addition, I want to reach conversational/colloquial level to be understood by native speakers. I wish some day I would get to Romania/Moldova to see how it is like to be there and speaking Romanian. I think it would be unforgettable experience.


I know many Hungarians who can, in addition to the mentioned language and English, also speak Romanian. I would like to surprise them :) Also, it seems like a melting pot of language influence, piquing my linguistic curiosity.


About a year ago, I fell in love with everything about Romania; the history, traditions, culture and language. It's such a beautiful country and I hope to finally be able to visit this spring and speak with the locals. I will not lie - that song Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone also really persuaded me learn Romanian. I'd sing it and have no idea what the lyrics meant.


I love that song.


I went to the Danube Delta with some Romanian friends, and the language is beautiful (and so is the country!)


I'm a British citizen living in Romania for a year and three months so far. I was learning the language myself with some difficulty but this course has certainly helped a lot and my romanian has improved a lot already!


Half of my dad's side of the family lives in Frasin and Gura Humorului, so I want to be well prepared when I visit them.


Hi! I'm not very adept in languages at all, but I can definitely say Romanian is one of my favorite languages to study by both book and website. The people I have met of Romanian relation are some of the kindest people you'll ever meet, incredibly forgiving when it comes to a beginner's mistakes. Plus, what a unique country! I'm definitely a big fan of Romania, would recommend the language!


I love the way it sounds!


I was curious about the language since I’ve been studying Spanish and wanted to learn another Romance languages :) French was a bit hard to pronounce and Portuguese and Italian were too similar and I didn’t want to confuse them with my Spanish. One day I heard Smiley’s song “De unde vii la ora asta?” And I never realized how pretty Romanian sounded. I’ve never heard the language before until I listened to that song. And when I learned that the language is closely related to Latin and started learning about the history I decided to learn Romanian ^_^


I've been speaking it since I was very young and because my grandparents live with my family and I'm pretty close to fluent but although I speak it pretty well, I wanted to improve my writing skills because I don't really know how to spell words in Romanian


I'm from the UK, I don't go on holiday so I'm learning languages of those people who come here, Romanians are a growing group here and I also plan to learn Hindi and Polish.


How very enlightened Sir - hats off to you!


My best friend is romanian and I love languages so, naturally, I wanted to learn this one as I hold a sentimental connection with it and I've found I learn faster that way. Plus, some of my favorite artists such as Irina Rimes, are romanian-speaking!


I have a goal of learning all of the major Romance languages. So, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian. Maybe Latin.

Romanian also sounds cool. It sounds like a Slavic language. But it's a Romance language. So cool.


My husband and I will be visiting Romania in August. I thought I'd look briefly at the language, but I find it very nice and interesting, and since I have always wanted to learn a language that I knew nothing of beforehand, I figured it could as well be Romanian :-)

It helps that I speak French and have had a couple of years of Latin in high school.


I studied romanistics, ma professor was specialized in romanian language, so it should be my next language. Now I am teaching German to immigrants, many of them come from the balcan and from romania. They are all very nice and wonderful people, so i started to learn their languages as they have to learn my language.


I know this thread is kind of old, but I just love this language so much. I'm a native Spanish speaker, I also started taking English lessons since I was 12, to a point where I would consider myself to be fluent in the language. Recently, I started to grow an interestest in language learning. My school offered an introductory French course, so I took it. While I wouldn't consider myself fluent in French, I'm still proficient enough to a point where I can read and fully understand what I'm reading, and easily come up with semi-elaborate responses. Listening is a different story though, as a Spanish speaker I'm more used to direct phonology, for words to actually be said the way they are written, and French is really deviant of that trend. I'm at a point where I understand most of the grammatical aspects of the language, as they are not dramatically complex, yet can't seem to absorb things when they are being said. Romanian was the complete opposite, which is funny, since a lot of people consider Romanian and Spanish to be the least similar of all the Romance language pairs. I barely started to truly get into it a couple of weeks ago. The grammar is definitely more complex than either French or Spanish, as neither of them has the cases and declensions to modify nouns or even a "neuter" gender. Sometimes I can tell right away what most words mean, but other times you can truly see the Slavic influence on the language, making it tougher to determine the meaning of certain words. But in terms of phonology, Romanian is one of the cleanest languages I've ever heard. It follows that sort of mentality that if you can say it out loud, you can certainly write it. So far, I've only watched kid's TV shows dubbed in Romanian, mainly "The Amazing World of Gumball" or "Uimitoarea lume a lui Gumball". It's funny how despite the short time I've studied it, I seem to be able to understand more of it than I do of French (and I've been grinding French for about 7 months now). The words have a really pleasant rhythm and ring to them, since most are composed of open syllables that are delivered cleanly and delicately. It should also be highlighted that almost no one mentions Romanian when referring to Romance Languages, I only found out from one of Danna Alquati's videos (btw, she's great, she also said wonders about the country that might have influenced my decision to start learning its language). If French is the language of love, then Romanian is the language of the gods.


Also, being able to have a reason to use the word "dumneavoastră"


Yeah. I'm probably the only one who wanted to study Romanian because of Sebastian Stan. I get it.


Not the only one


My mother in law is visiting from Romania this summer. I need to know when she is talking about me!

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