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"Usturoii sunt vechi și amari."

Translation:The cloves of garlic are old and bitter.

November 18, 2016



I honestly can't recall the last time I heard garlic to be pluralized like this. Seems that we'd either refer to garlic cloves (căței de usturoi) or garlic heads (căpățâni de usturoi).


the garlic cloves = cățeii de usturoi. Usturoi is both singular and plural, when add the definite article, in this case, +i, usturoi at plural gets usturoii, and at singular, add definite article + ul, that gets usturoiul.


You are so wrong, it hurts. Stop saying nonsense and remove this ignorant moldavian mistake from Duolingo! "Usturoii" doesn't exist!


The old and bitter cloves of garlic not work?


A verb is missing in your sentence.


why does it only tell me one mistake, so when i fix it i am still wrong?

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