"Voi sunteți băieți, voi nu sunteți bărbați."

Translation:You are boys, you are not men.

November 18, 2016

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This is another one of those where you have to click on the comments bubble to find out the translation of the correct answer (on some of the other courses, like French, they give you the translation in the same alert as the notification that you are correct) and I was about to complain about it, but actually I've just realised that this is a much better way of organising the course; now I'm learning by immersion unless I really want to check the English translation. If this was a deliberate decision on the part of the course creators then you guys are geniuses. This is so much better than the French course!


Is there a reason why the plural of băiat is băieți and the plural of bărbat is bărbați? That is, why a-->e in the former? Thanks


It would be great if the possible answer list could support subject carryover Right now "you are boys, not men" is not classified as correct answer despite being a correct translation. Other questions in the course show that Romanian supports subject carryover between two sentence clauses.

There are many different cases where the course shows you that the subject could be ommited in the next sentence clause... in the Romanian examples for you to learn.

Then in the next question Duolingo punishes you for not repeating the subject twice in the English or Romanian translation.


So the i's in sunteți, băieți, and bărbați are silent??


Sort of. They're semi-vowls. Sort of silent. Im not quite sure on how you pronounce them, only thats its not exactly pronounced properly or silent.

Hope this helps.


Kinda no according to the current audio. However bear in mind that Romanian was heavily influenced by slavic languages and they include "yers" - ъ and ь which cause sound softening ie. t->ț /ts/ so that i might be a former "yer" sound that went silent but still influenced the previous phoneme.

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    They are not silent...


    The way I have best remembered it is tjat tbey are like a 'whisper' at the end of the word.


    Noi also like Italian "we" ha all this Latin languages and its similarities...

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      You are boys you are not men


      I wrote: You are children, you are not men. : |

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