"Bună ziua!"

Translation:Good afternoon!

November 18, 2016

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I think hello is a good answer too. Im roumanian


Multumesc pentru raspunsul dumneavoastra!


Sorry, I have some problems to translate because i'm spanish native. To me, buna ziua means good morning and good afternoon, buna dimineata, good morning (very soon, from sunrise to 10 o'clock a.m., buna seara when it gets dark (good afternoon) and noapte buna (good night) when you are at bed. Is it correct? Maybe I am mixing spanish greetings, and english greetings


Hola Nieves, resulta que llevo viviendo en españa varios años y hablo perfectamente español. Respondiendo a tu pregunta, sí, todos esos conceptos están bien. Solo una pequeña aclaración. Buna dimineata significa algo así como good morning pero no es lo mismo, ya que es algo que se suele decir para dar los buenos días cuando se despierta alguien.


Muchas gracias por la respuesta!!


Ironically, I made the same mistake when I don't know enough Spanish to read Alex's reply.


Is there a time frame in which it is appropriate to use "Bună ziua"?

In German, it's not uncommon to use its equivalent ("Guten Tag") during most of the day. Nobody would frown at you if you said it at, let's say, 10 o'clock, even though "Guten Morgen" would technically apply until noon. And in summer, when the days are longer, I'd switch to "Guten Abend" later than I would in winter (roughly around dusk in winter, somewhere around 7 in summer).

Is it the same in Romanian or is its usage stricter?


It is used like in German, fairly lax, from morning to dusk.


when it s light outside you say buna ziua, when it s dark you say buna seara. you can also say buna dimineata until like 11 am.


i feel banmboozelt


Can I use "buna ziua" for good afternoon?


Good afternoon is very rarely used. Good day is used throughout the day and is much more common

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