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  5. "Wir mögen die Bundesliga."

"Wir mögen die Bundesliga."

Translation:We like the Bundesliga.

February 19, 2014



"Bundes League" or "Bundesleague" are often used in the US press. DL should accept them.


They are? By whom? I've never seen either of those.


What is Bundes League. We don't have it in England


We do, we call it the Premier League. Don't worry about it, put it inside a box in the cupboard under the stairs, you'll never need to know it aside from here.


Yes and in UK too. German Soccer league takes up precious air time.


I've never heard it called the Bundes league in the UK (or ever) and it doesn't make sense to me to half-translate a proper name like that - it would be like calling MLS 'Major League Football'.

Doesn't mean that it doesn't happen, of course!


Yes it is! I follow football and hear it called the Bundes League often, I live in and was born in London, UK


I don't think I've ever heard it called anything else


some sentence before I read "German Soccer League" and now "We like the German Soccer League." was not accepted :-( (I reported that)


The Bundesliga is not just any German soccer league, it's specifically the top flight one, equivalent to the Premiership in the UK or Serie A in Italy.

Non German soccer fans who follow German football also call it 'the Bundesliga' or 'the Bundesleague' because that is what it is called. Callling it 'the German soccer league' is like calling the Superbowl 'an NFL game' - it's not just any German league, it's that specific league.


'Bundesleague' was not accepted


I reported it, too (May 5th, 2014). Kind of mean that it accepts "We like the German Football League," but not "We like the German soccer league."


It is very odd that here it refuses the American word 'soccer' in favour of the British 'football', but in a different sentence it refused 'got', preferring 'gotten'.


It is rather ironic that the word 'soccer' was what football was originally called in Great Britain. In the early part of the 20th century in Britain, association football was shortened to soccer (it was originally called asocc, then soccer).
I think that the word was used to distinguish it from Rugby football at that time. How the word 'soccer' lost favor in Britain but later gained favor in the U.S. is a mystery to me.


I think it's obvious why 'soccer' is used to distinguish that form of football from the NFL in the US. Why it fell out of favour in the UK, I have no idea.


I agree BellX1 (great band btw!). Presume soccer took over the word ‘football’ because it became the majority football game in UK?


It fell out of favor in the UK about the same time that the UK was becoming more involved in the EU.


I reported it as well.


I have also reported it ;) But it seems that no one will give us the feedback... :(


"Another correct solution: We like the Bundesliga."



The Bundesliga is the name of the German football league (like the premier league in the UK). As such its fair to use its German name in English.


Good to know! I was actually hoping we could leave it untranslated. As a soccer fan in the US, we always call it the (das) Bundesliga. I've never, ever heard any commentators or fans refer to it as the German Soccer League. The same goes with other leagues: Serie A (Italy), La Liga (Spain), etc.


It's die Bundesliga ;)


I imagine that DuoLingo included 'German soccer league' as a translation for the benefit of those who don't follow football. For me, it makes sense to use 'Bundesliga' in English like commentators and fans seem to do, as you pointed out.


The Google speech recognition engine got "Bundesliga" on the first try...


Knowing nothing about sports I said ''we like the national league'' and it was accepted.


I got it right, nonetheless, I wonder about the translation for Bundesliga? It is not a name we have in English. I suggest a better English translation.


To be honest, once you realise that Bundesliga does not really translate and creates a whole lot of nonsense, they should have scrapped it in examples and used something more helpful like say cross country skiing or athletics.


Not a good word for those of us who do not follow soccer, and have never heard it spoken, or ever seen it in print.


Totally agree! It really threw me the first time I ran into, was running to every German dictionary (online) that I could find... Geez. I mean really, is soccer a requirement here? :)


Yes, unfortunately it is a requirement.


I translated it as the "federal league" and it was correct by duolingo.


I didn't know that I had to say "the". I thought it would be okay if I just said "We like Bundesliga."

Turns out you need to add the word "the."

How was I supposed to know? I'm not German, I don't watch football. This kind of question is just mean.


Nice attempt troll!


Well "wir" and "moegen" I doubt truly were "new" "words"...


What is the bundesliga


What the BEEEEP is the Bundesliga


It's the best German football league... How can you possibly not know that?


Not only did I not know it is the top German football league, I didn't know it was A German football league, nor did I know it had anything to do with football, or any kind of sport or any kind of league. For all I knew, it was a popular supermarket chain.

Please cut people some slack when they bewilder at such an unusual introduction to German culture


He might not be a fan of German football.


Rightly or wrongly, football fans and the media often do opt for the 50/50 "Bundesleague". As it's accepted colloquial use in the UK (and apparently the US too) Duo should accept it


It's confounding to be presented with "Bundesliga" with no reference to what it means.

I had no idea that "liga" means "league," nor do I still have any idea what "Bundes" means.

I now know it's the premier football league in Germany, okay, fine, but how was I supposed to know it wasn't a brand of very fine chocolate?


A word I don't know in German, translates into a word I don't know in any language. Pfui! Ok, ok. Introduce me to new things. Cool. Excellent! But to encounter it in "type what you hear" for the first time? Double Pfui! Give it to me first visually, then demand I understand the spoken without any visual queues.

Shouldn't be that hard a programming change (been a programmer for 40 years, so I can guess some of what goes on inside Duolingo -- impressive, very impressive over all).

Bottom line: some of you will say "now you won't forget it!" Nuts. Fact is, as I write this, unless I look at other parts of the screen, I've already forgotten exactly what it looks like, and sounds like. Plus, I don't like no-win situations; never subject the student to a no-win question! (My opinion, but I believe in it strongly.)


How to pronounce "mogen" ?


It's not mogen but mögen (or if you can't type that, moegen).

Listen to it on Forvo: https://forvo.com/word/m%C3%B6gen/#de


Ich mag dieser Satz!


Short for "association football", i.e. (roughly) football played according to the rules of FIFA.

That's the kind with the round ball that is kicked, very popular in Europe and other parts of the world, rather than the kind with the egg-shaped ball that can be picked up in your hand and that's common in North America.


Many thanks. I understand it is a top German football team. That's all I wanted to know.


It is a football league not a football team


"Bundesleague" should certainly be accepted. In the USA, the sport channel ESPN regularly refers to the "Bundesleague". This "error" sank my effort to test out.


Words should not be presented for the first time via audio because both computer voices tend to trail off. First exposure to Bundesliga and I had no idea what I was hearing.


Bundesliga means " national league


This is a hilarious word in Portugese. The Brazilian sportscasters laugh every time the talk about this team.


Bungesliga was one of the main reasons i started learning German coz i really love football and Bayern Munich. Just wanted to share this xD.


What a strange collection of words to spring on us with no definitions, no introduction, no nothing.


I'm English the English course is to American


Yes, Duolingo's English is American English.


French translation in the German- English course!


Bayern liga should also be accepted


What about "We like German soccer"?


That would not work, because this refers specifically to the league within Germany, not to the German National Team. They are very much distinct. The German National Team is a group of German players (who play on different club teams in different leagues) that play against other National Teams (no matter which country they play in for their club team). That team would play in the World Cup and the Olympics, for instance. The Bundesliga is like MLB or NFL or NBA in the US; people from any country can be on the teams within it. If you said, you like German soccer, it wouldn't be clear if you meant the National Team (although it would be my first assumption) or the Bundesliga. I hope that helps.


Rong "we like german soccer" = "wir mögen deutscher Fußball "


Wrong case. Accusative after mögen.


What about "deutscher Fußball gefällt uns "


That would be grammatically correct.

Though "German football" is more than just the Federal League.


Bayern München FTW


not fixed as of jul 6 2014


What is not fixed? You should put this as a reply to someone reporting a problem, or state what you think the problem is.

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