"Bunic și bunică."

Translation:Grandfather and grandmother.

November 18, 2016

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It seems that most basic family terms seem to have Slavic origin (e.g. tata and bunica are like tato and babusya in Ukrainian)


Is the Bun part as in good similar to Norwegian/Danish "Bestefar og bestemor"? When I eventually become a Grandad I think I'd like to be a Besty. Nice names, lets face it Granny sounds awful, who would want to be a Granny.

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Most family terms are definitely Latin words, not Slavic.

mother=mamă (Latin mamma=mummy)
father=tată (Latin tata=daddy)
son=fiu (Latin filius)
daughter=fiică (Latin filia)
brother= frate (Latin frater)
sister= soră (Latin soror)
cousin=verișor (Latin (cōnsōbrīnus) vērus=first cousin)
uncle=unchi (Latin avunculus, vg Latin unculu=mother's brother)
aunt=mătușa (Latin amita, vg Latin mita=father's sister)
nephew=nepot (Latin nepos=nephew; grandson)
niece=nepoată (Latin nepos, vg Latin nepta)
grandson=nepot (Latin nepos=nephew; grandson)
granddaughter=nepoată (Latin nepos, vg Latin nepta)
grandfather=bunic (probably from Latin bonus=good)
grandmother=bunică (probably from Latin bona=good)
brother in law=cumnat (Latin cognatus=relative; brother in law)
sister in law=cumnata (Latin cognata)
father in law=socrul (Latin socer, vg Latin socru=father in law)
mother in law=soacră (Latin socrus, vg Latin socra)


Interesting trivia: in Catalan "bonic" and "bonica", pronounced just like Romanian "bunic" and "bunică", mean "pretty", masculine and feminine :).


Grandad is an accepted spelling in collins and oxford dictionaries, but DL is having none of it! Really DL?


Have never seen the spelling "granddad" before in my life! Can we accept the correct spelling "grandad" please?


So what is bunel(ul) if Bunic is "grandfather"?

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