"You eat or you drink."

Translation:Tu mănânci sau bei.

November 18, 2016



I had this sentence as multiple choice and the two correct choices both had "ori" for "or". It's the first time I've seen that word. Can somebody tell me the difference between "ori" and "sau"?

November 18, 2016


(According to my native speaking girlfriend) "ori" and "sau" both translate as "or" however "Tu mănânci sau bei." sounds like a more modern way of saying it, whereas "Tu mănânci ori bei." would be used by older people.

November 19, 2016


What is the difference between Mananci and mananc (sp?)

February 20, 2018


Mananci is for second person singular, and mananc is for first person singular. (Sorry, right now I can't write that little things above the letters)... Just like Spanish, every verb conjugates.

April 12, 2018


Nu poti sa spui "eu mananci" nu are sens

November 4, 2018


This is really odd... I mark 1 and 3:

  1. Tu mănânci sau tu bei.
  2. Tu mănânci ori bei.

It's accepted, but when I review the lesson, it's marked as failed, and I'm not credited with a point for that question. I'm failed for response 3, Tu mănânci ori bei.

January 7, 2017


Lol wtf Bei wasn't even in the choices, so I was like... The only choice left is beau... I choose beau and I fsil...

March 24, 2018


When to use beu and beui and mănânci and mănânc.

April 11, 2018


Sorry it's beau and bei. I typed them wrong In the post.

April 11, 2018


Why can u not use 'voi' as you

June 13, 2018


2018-06-19 Did you use the appropriate verb conjugations? If so, maybe it's just that voi isn't in the database for this exercise because we haven't learned it, yet. Report it.

June 19, 2018
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