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Welsh for Spanish?

It would be interesting to find out if there was significant demand for such a course, given the significant Welsh-speaking community in Patagonia, and perhaps the US Hispanic members of Duolingo might also attempt such a course. Certainly, the reverse course would be viable in Wales!

November 18, 2016



I would like to learn spanish from Welsh and as rmcode says it would be a useful resource for schools in Wales - Welsh or English medium. Even if english is your first language, I have heard that daisychaining languages is recommended by a lot of people who seem to have the knack of learning lots of languages.

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Such a course would be great for both the Welsh speaking community of Patagonia and also for the many Welsh medium schools teaching Spanish.


I think they would be languages with much greater demand than Welsh. Languages like Basque, Nahuatl or Latin would probably be more popular.

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