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"Bună seara, eu sunt Andrei și el este Daniel."

Translation:Good evening, I am Andrew and he is Daniel.

November 19, 2016



Why does it translate Andrei to Andrew?


Right? My name is Andrei and I definitely don't identify myself as "Andrew"


Agreed, there is no need to translate proper names. My dearest friend Agnieszka gets really pissed when the English call her Agnes (but she still pronounces my name as Jan!).


When she says Daniel it kind of sounds like Danielle...


That's how romanians pronounce it. For the feminine version, we have Daniela.


I though it was an easter egg with my name (Andrew introducing me to someone, I am Daniel) but no, it is Daniel for everyone haha.


I too thought it was taking user information and using it


❤❤❤❤❤❤ bot, i am native romanian and hardly got the "el este daniel", it sounded like "ea este daniela" (well, more like "eghrr este daghnrblah") :)) Lost a heart... I want it back...


Why is bună put before dimineața, while after noapte?


We can also say "să ai/să aveți/ o zi bună / o seară bună”, but the usual formulation, most probably borrowed/stolen from French in the 18-th century, when Bucharest was called "the little Paris" and every aristocrat lady wanted to be French, and behave "frenchy" and spoke "frenchy", etc, is:
- „Bună dimineața”
- „Bună ziua”
- „Bună seara”
- „Noapte bună”

Please note that the first three are said to someone "going to action" during the day, but the last is a different flavor, and only said to somebody going to bed (like "sleep well, have a nice sleep").


Buna seara can also be translated, "Good afternoon"


I used e for este and it doesnt accept this but it is also used this one at another sentence before!


if it's dictation, you have to type it in word by word. if the bot says "multumesc", you cannot type "merci", even though they mean the same thing.


Why do they translate names for this but not for French? (Maria- Mary)


I just put the names wrong, not the entire sentence.

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