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  5. "She eats her plate of rice."

"She eats her plate of rice."

Translation:Cô ấy ăn đĩa cơm của mình.

November 19, 2016



What? My vietnamese mom wants to fight this


I think Vietnamese people would have a field day with the amount of errors and inaccuracies on the Vietnamese duolingo.


She keeps her own food. Not my dish... in confused


"Của mình" doesn't actually mean "my." You're probably used to hearing the intimate pronoun "minh" which means "I" but don't be fooled here. "Của mình" can also mean "her/his/their/"any possessive pronoun. I don't really know how to explain, but hopefully someone who's better at Vietnamese than me will be able to help you. ^_^


Mình just means "one's own". So you dont say "tôi ăn táo của tôi" (i eat my apple) you say tôi ăn táo của mình (i eat one's apple) instead. So instead of she-her, you-your, I-my, etc, you use she-one's, your-one's, I-one's, etc. Sounds a lot more poetic to me :)


In fact, «của minh» và «của tôi» are both accepted.


Tôi ăn táo của tôi. Tao ăn táo của tao. Tôi ăn táo của mình.

I rarely use «của mình» unless I want to put an emphasis on the ownership.


I'm so used to using familial pronouns growing up that this doesn't sound right to me even though it's technically correct.


In Japan, 'của mình' is 'jibunno' where as 'ju er jin' in Korea. It's meaning is 'own'


what doe the "dia" mean?


Dia means plate :-)


I have an issue i added the Vietnamese keyboard to my phone however it doesn't have all the accents and I don't want to get any thing wrong because of that


Why is "Co ay an dia com cua co ay " incorrect.. anyone?

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