"un copil"

Translation:a child

November 19, 2016

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My Romanian friend uses "copil" for a boy, not only a kid. Is he wrong or you should add a second definition?


In spoken language, you can use "copil/copilă" to replace "băiat/fată" and i believe it is used in some parts of he country (correct me if i'm wrong), but the dictionary defines "copil" as "boy or girl in the first years of life". I wouldn't use it when referring to boy, as some might not understand you're implying gender as well.


So in proper Romanian one should prefer băiat/fată instead of copil/copilă. Right?


Romanian here. Yes you can do that, but not the other way around. Copil means child (it can be either a boy or a girl). However, in Romanian, you can use baiat (boy) and fata (girl) even to describe a young person (like, let's say, someone who's 25). You can call them baiat or fata, but not copil, for that would be rude. Of course, now, you might hear older people calling them like that...


Same in American English. You can say "child" if you don't need to specify gender, and older or elderly people will often call younger people in their 20s "boy/girl. "That boy/girl did a great job of fixing my car." for example.


Good to know. Salutări din Grecia. ;)

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    "Copil" can be used for either girl or boy but in some cases you need to use "copilă" but don't worry about it. Just use copil and you are fine.

    "Copilă" means baby girl.



    *Formerly ‘bastard’, probably from Slavic *kopylŭ ‘shoot, sprout; bastard’ (compare Ukrainian копил (kopɪl) or копиля (kopɪlʲa), Serbo-Croatian копиле (kȍpile), Bulgarian копеле (kópele)), from kopàti ‘to dig, cultivate’. Also borrowed into Albanian kopil, Byzantine Greek κόπελος (kópelos). Alternatively an old ultimately paleo-Balkan substratum word. Compare Aromanian cochil.


    IPA: /koˈpil/


    copil m (plural copii, feminine equivalent copilă)

    1) child

    From Wiktionary:


    Declension chart:



    Bro, I bet you eat Duolingo for breakfast. Holy moly...

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    I read in one online Croatian ductionary that kopile has Turkic roots.It may be.

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