"Nu, pardon!"

Translation:No, pardon me!

November 19, 2016

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Does anyone notice that Romanian is way too similar to English/French?

Nu - No. Too similar

Pardon - sorry/pardon me. Way too similar


This shouldn't be too surprising. Romanian is a romance language after all, in the same family as French. Even English has Latinate root words via the Norman invasion and the Catholic Church.

Romanian has close ties with France (Romanian children learn French at school, and I think until recently French was the foreign language most taught at schools) so some loanwords (like "merci") aren't unusual.

Good luck with the language! :)


I wonder if French being taught at Romanian schools was part of Napoleon's legacy


So I found France's Foreign Diplomacy website, and their page on Romania. Here's an excerpt:

"The spread of the French language in Romania dates back to the 18ᵗʰ century, when the Romanian principalities of Wallachia and Moldova were still under Ottoman rule and the sons of the great Romanian families left to study in Paris. [...] Political relations between France and Romania date back to the role played by Napoleon III in the creation of the Romanian State on the European stage in the 19ᵗʰ century, then France’s assistance (in competition with Germany, however) for the establishment of this new State. "

You're right that a Napoleon played a part, but you were probably thinking of the wrong one ;)

Here's the original page if you're curious: http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/country-files/romania/france-and-romania/


Interesting! Have a lingot for sharing that!


It's not strictly true to say that they were under Ottoman rule. They were under Ottoman suzerianty. They enjoyed a large degree of autonomy, at least their princes did, but had to provide certain taxes and levy troops for Constantinople. During the Reformation, despite being under Ottoman suzerainty, Transylvania was a focus of Protestantism.


Ai perfectă dreptate!


There are a lot of French loans in Romanian. 30% of the vocabulary, or more. Pardon is one of them. English has a high amount of French words too. So yes, there are similarities between English and Romanian.


We're all one big Indoeuropean family and the word "no" sounds similar in so many languages.


...except for those Transylvanian Hungarians ;)


And Romanian is also similar to Russian. "Da" is the same in these language. And verb endings are simular too.


Ok, but what is the English phrase 'No, pardon' supposed to mean? I'm on the app and this was the only vaguely valid selection of words I was offered - but it doesn't really mean anything in English. I imagine 'No, sorry' would be a more idiomatic translation.


Yeah 'No sorry' is the translation of it. I don't understand why Duolingo uses it, it should be 'Nu, scuze'. You use 'Pardon' when you want someone to repeat what they just said. But you can't just replace 'Scuze' with 'Pardon'.

Hope that helps.


Not very sure about this one. In England no one ever says "no, pardon". It's weird


No pardon? I have never heard of that.

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