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"Eu nu dorm în pat ci în dulap."

Translation:I do not sleep in the bed, but in the closet.

November 19, 2016



Is it wrong to say "I do not sleep in bed, but in the closet"? Duolingo considered it wrong.


hehehe! that's because the husband came back too soon !!!


This person is really literally closeted. Poor one :( Btw, how do you express the concept of "coming out of the closet" in Romanian? Ieși din dulap?


For the sense ”to be willing to talk in public about something that was kept secret” Romanians would use ”a scoate la iveală” / ”a dezvălui”. For the sense”to announce that you are attracted to people of the same sex” Romanians would probably use ”a dezvălui” / ”a recunoaște”. I am writing ”probably” because this would be extremely rare in the Romanian media. It is also possible that (especially young) Romanians use the English form as-is. It is very common that new expressions are adopted from foreign languages if there is no Romanian equivalent.


haven't any of you read Harry Potter!


Nor Doraemon!


Bender (from Futurama) sleeps in a closet. Totally relevant sentence in my book. Duolingo's position on these sort of unusual sentences is that they help us learn due to their quirkiness. Enjoy the quirkiness - don't fight it!


Why is cupboard not accepted for dulap?


Because the cupboard is... a board used for cups... One cannot sleep in there, unless one is a cup. On the other hand, after a party in "cămin" (university campus), one easily sleeps in the closet. ;o)


In the UK the only closets we have are water closets aka WCs. A room with a toilet and basin in.


Dulap is from Turkish dolap


How to make a difference between "Ci" and "Și"?


Ci sounds like "che" in "cheek" while şi sounds simply like "she".


Mă bucur nespus de mult că dumneavoastră v-ați hotărît să ne informați despre lucrul acesta, care e de-a dreptul fascinant :-) :-) :-)


Here's what happens when you're out of ideas :)))


is it not possible to have more useful phrases, funny, but i would never say it...


You don't have to say it. But you need to be able to put all sorts of words together and make sense of it to become fluent. My latin professor used to say that you're starting to grasp a language when you start understanding jokes. Take it easy. Enjoy the process of learning.


your latin teacher was right. jokes ARE the hard part when learning a new language. My latin and greek teacher told us ( we were 16 then) culture is what remains after you have forgotten everything. So learn a lot now !! hahaha . ! I iwill be 78 on the 4th of december. By the way I never slept in a closet because in Europe we don't have the closets system as in the States. When the husband comes back too soon, men hide under the beds! A joke now : what is the first thing a travelling salesman does when he enters his room in the hotel ????? I look forward to your answers. Thanks.


He asks "is anyone home? I have a special offer for you!" :-D

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