November 19, 2016



And just to add to the confusion further... In England, a crepe would be called a pancake, with the more 'puffy' version being called a Scotch (or American) pancake!


So this word can be used for pancake and crepe? Is there another word specific to pancake?


We don't have a specific word for pancakes. After 1989 (when the Communist Regime fell) foreign recipes came in the country and I think the pancakes are called "clătite pufoase" puffy crepes.


Thank you so much. I did a bit of searching and I came across quite a few pancake recipes being referred to as "clatite pufoase", "clatite pufoase americane", "clatite americane", and "clatite americane clasice". :)


In America, we call them "hot cakes" ("prăjituri calde").


Crepe and pancakes are the same.


Honestly, I don't understand. Most words in Romanian are similar to English or exactly French. Why is this completely different?


Native speaker here. I have tried to find the etymology of the word but couldn't. There is a verb "a clăti" that comes from slavonik that means to shake, to move. I presume that the crepes are called "clătite" because that's how you make them, by moving the pan in a round manner to coat it with the liquid.


That's very interesting. I only knew of "a clăti" as in "to rinse" (dishes, clothes, etc.), but it makes sense since when you rinse clothes you do tend to swirl or shake them around in water to get the suds off.


Because Romanian is a mix of many languages.


What's a good mnemonic for this word?

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    Check Momzi's answer :)


    From when I have eaten "clatita" they've always been more similar to crepes. In fact that seems to be the translation my parents suggest.


    That translation is now available. :)


    Surprised the word for crepe or pancake isn't closer to so many other Central and East European words. Typically, something like "palachinki" (or however a given alphabet may transliterate it).


    This word sounds like something very different in English, but I am struggling to come up with a good mnemonic for that. o.O

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