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"Noi mâncăm tort la micul dejun."

Translation:We eat cake for breakfast.

November 19, 2016



Would this not also mean We eat cake at breakfast? or only We eat cake for breakfast?


I second that question -- I understood it to mean "We eat cake AT breakfast". Is there a reason that would be an incorrect translation?


I hear at the normal speed "Noi mâncăm TORTĂ la micul dejun” and at the slow speed ”Noi mâncăm TORT la micul dejun”.


Absolutely. I got it wrong because of this. I wrote "tortul" as I only listened to the normal speed (which is unusual, can't usually understand much at all).


I thought MICUL DEJUN means THE breakfast. However it is translared as BREAKFAST. I understand Duo usually wants literal translation even disregarding British English. So why ' BREAKFAST and not The Breakfast"?


Got it wrong for this as well. I originally change "breakfast" to "the breakfast" since it states "micul dejun" and not "mic dejun". I appears have of this is learning how to translate Romanian to English, the other have is understanding how Duolingo wants you to answer ;0)


What exacly is the difference between a pie and a cake or a 'tort' and a 'plăcintă'?

I keep mixing these up because my native language both calls them "taart". Cake is only the spongy part, like what cupcakes are made of.

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