"Noi mâncăm tort la micul dejun."

Translation:We eat cake for breakfast.

November 19, 2016

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I thought MICUL DEJUN means THE breakfast. However it is translared as BREAKFAST. I understand Duo usually wants literal translation even disregarding British English. So why ' BREAKFAST and not The Breakfast"?


Got it wrong for this as well. I originally change "breakfast" to "the breakfast" since it states "micul dejun" and not "mic dejun". I appears have of this is learning how to translate Romanian to English, the other have is understanding how Duolingo wants you to answer ;0)


Bah... Most of the time Duolingo uses "micul dejun === breakfast"

But, yesterday, there was a sentence where it clearly meant "the breakfast" and IIRC I was marked wrong for just putting "breakfast". In the forum for that sentence it was pointed out that -ul means "the"

So I just put "the breakfast" and got marked wrong.


I hear at the normal speed "Noi mâncăm TORTĂ la micul dejun” and at the slow speed ”Noi mâncăm TORT la micul dejun”.


Absolutely. I got it wrong because of this. I wrote "tortul" as I only listened to the normal speed (which is unusual, can't usually understand much at all).


Have reported it.


Whoa, I reckon someone needs some dietary advice! Cake for breakfast??


What exacly is the difference between a pie and a cake or a 'tort' and a 'plăcintă'?

I keep mixing these up because my native language both calls them "taart". Cake is only the spongy part, like what cupcakes are made of.


Cake and tort are made of the spongy stuf. You can think of wedding cake or birthday cake. A pie or plăcintă has stuffing. Think of apple pie or meat pie.

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