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"The doctor"


November 19, 2016

7 komentářů


Mám velké D, a zase špatně, hmm


Velikostí písmen to není, ta se na Duolingu ignoruje. Víc se o tom píše třeba tady: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18932785


What is the difference between lékař, doktor, and doktorka?


One meaning of "doktor" is informally synonymous with "lékař". (Another is academic/scientific degree). Doktorka and lékařka are feminine versions of the respective words. A lady doctor is "lékařka" or "doktorka". So, did you get your automatic acknowledgment?


Ok that makes sense, and yeah I think so. I got your email and applied. I haven't gotten a response back yet, but will start as soon as I'm accepted. Thank you for your help Neuby. Is that what you meant by automatic acknowledgement?


Right after you submit an application, the system should send you an automatic "thank you for applying" to the email address you told the system. Not in the text, but in the field it asks for one. If you have not received the "thank you", then the connection is not established, and the invitation link isn't going to reach you either.

We do not see the address associated with the application. Which is why we have to confirm its functionality this way.


Ah ok. Yeah I did receive that email saying thank you for applying.

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