"The man has many pieces in the green jar."

Translation:Bărbatul are multe piese în borcanul verde.

November 19, 2016

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What is wrong with : Omul are multe bucati????


Why isn't it 'borcan when preceeded by în?


because of "green". It is "în borcan” but ”în borcanul verde”


Can you explain why? This is obviously something I've been missing.


"borcan" (=jar) is the noun, as found in the dictionnary. You use the article when you refer to a SPECIFIC one (borcanUL = THE jar).

When you have several jars of different colors but only one is green of course this is SPECIFIC so you have to use "borcanUL verde" = "THE green jar"

If you have only ONE jar around Romanians will not consider this specific, as you do not have to explain which one. They would say "Am monezi în borcan". In English you still have to use the article "I have coins in THE jar" (or even "I have coins in MY jar" depending on the context).

This is somehow similar to the english usage of "in life" : We say "the nice things in life" instead of "the nice things in THE life" (as opposite to "the nice coins in THE jar) :-)


”You missed a space. Bărbatul are multe b ucăți în borcanul verde.”

What? Bucăți has a space?


Is there a difference in use between "Omul" and "Bărbatul"?


In this case they can be both used. In general "Bărbatul" is equivalent to "the male adult" and "Omul" to "the human". It is also accepted that a woman refers to her husband ( "soțul ei”) as ”bărbatul meu” or ”omul meu”


My answer is: Omul are multe bucăți în borcanul verde. I think it should be accepted even though I used omul and bucăți istead of piese and borcanul.


It should be accepted

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