"Sajnos a városba semerről nem érkeznek repülőgépek."

Translation:Unfortunately, planes do not arrive in the city from anywhere.

November 19, 2016

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You can't say 'any directions' in the English sentence...'any' takes the singular.


Theoretically there is an incorrect translation for this one in the database: ("Unfortunately there are'nt any airplanes arriving in the city from anywhere.") Please correct the "are'nt" and feel free to delete this comment afterwards. Thanks in advance.


"Semerröl"? When will I ever use that word?


I know the Hungarian says városba" that is "in the city" but have you ever seen regular airplanes arriving IN a city? That's why "to" seemed more appropriate.


------- duo is not happy with into, either . . .

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------- now duo accepts: unfortunately airplanes are not arriving into the city from any direction .

what do i know ? . . .

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Unfortunately airplanes don't arrive from anywhere to the city. What's wrong? 1) - 'anywhere' not being the last in the word order? 2) - 'to' instead of 'in' the city? 3) - Not using the present continuous tense (arrive instead of arriving)?

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