"Româna nu e o limbă ușoară."

Translation:The Romanian language is not an easy language.

November 19, 2016

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Definitely it is not.


As a 20 year old Romanian student, I can confirm that my native language is indeed pretty hard to learn. English, on the other hand, was the only language that I've learned very easily in my childhood.


Yes, but I honestly don't how to say 'i am stabbing the pig' in any other language, so this course has given me unique language and cultural insights. Later lessons...


Hungarian is more difficult coz not Indoeuropean


I disagree with this sentence. This is how it works for me: if I like and am enjoying the language, then it's not hard for me, as I struggle less and understand more. Since Spanish is my native language, it helps me a LOT with the Romanian pronounciation. More so when Romanian shares some words that look exactly or similar to my native tongue, French, and Portuguese. But I've learned NOT to treat it like my other 3 because the overuse of accents take some trial and terror. I noticed Romanian uses more accents than its family members (I'm guessing it's the borrowed Slavic influence but feel free to correct). Nothing I can't handle though, because I like the language. I'm sure I'll like visiting the country :)


I like and enjoy Romanian and Spanish is my second language, in which I'm not quite fluent but I am conversational. I thought this would help me learn Romanian fast but even though I quickly made lots of Romanian friends, I struggled and after spending the whole summer in Romania for three years in a row, I was still only at a basic tourist level. And I've lost most of that in the seven years since I was last here. I do a lot better in French, Italian, and Portuguese even though I spent a lot less time in those countries. Anyway I'm back and I'm trying it again (-:


Don't think it is that hard, really. Specially not difficult to understand written Romanian if you already know Spanish/Italian or any romance language.


Yeah, in fact Spanish is my native language and I read italian was really similar to it, so I decided to learn it, I obviously speak well English language and now I want to learn Romanian


I already know Spanish but find that even with just words from Latin, Romanian uses different roots for so many words that I was surprised how badly I did at Romanian compared to other Romance languages, despite easily making local friends and visiting three times for two or three months each time.


It might not be difficult to understand with knowledge of other Romance languages, but correctly constructing your own sentences is another story.


Haha, kinda expected this sentence to appear here


Unless comparing it to Hungarian next door, of course.


every language is hard to learn


Any language isn't an easy language.


We use this construction: "nu, nu este" (or "nu, nu e" if you want to be even more colloquial).


I think it is really a matter of perspective. I never learned any other language this fast, but i profit from other similiar languages. For a chinese person learning the first foreign language it is certainly very hard.


That might be the most truthful sentence you've ever taught me


I agree that language is only difficult if you do not have a passion for it, or at least some interest culturally, or historically in which language is spoken. I have some remedial Spanish training from grade school, majored in Japanese and German in college, and move to Korea to teach English for 7 years with hardly any training in the language at all, but Japanese syntax and grammar greatly helped me in Korean. It's really all about whether or not you have an interest or find an interest in anything you learn as to whether your skills in that discipline will flourish. If you want to learn it, it becomes less and less difficult the more passionate you become.


In response to your first sentence, I am super interested in learning Romanian and have a Romanian friend to help me practise, but I still find it a tough language.

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