Wildly inaccurate emails sent by Duolingo when I've started a new course

This is not so much a problem for me, but just something the developers might want to be aware of since it might be easy to fix:

I don't know how the streaks work now that there apparently is only one general streak rather than the previous language specific ones. But I've been doing some Russian (from English) every single day since that course came out a little of a year ago (and a mix of various courses before that). If I do a little Romanian (from English) one day, I get an email the next day saying "You're on fire. Continue your 1044 day Romanian streak on Duolingo". With the Romanian course having been out for less than a week, this email heading unfortunately makes Duolingo look a bit silly.

And the content gets worse: "Hi Annika Å, you are on a 1044 day streak! Use Duolingo today to make it 1045." This is completely ignoring the fact that there is no way for me to "use Duolingo today to make it 1045", as I have already extended my streak that day using the Russian course...

Finally, the "Today's goal" in this particular email was actually something sensible: learning the next skill. But once you've finished the tree, those goals are can pretty outlandish, such as "reach level XX by scoring XYZ points today", with XYZ being something discouragingly high.

I think these emails might work better if they were more accurate. You have all the data, it should be just a question of taking it into account properly when programming the email.

November 19, 2016


The goals are not always helpful, either - I get told that I should be learning the next skill, when the homepage makes it clear that after a couple of weeks where I've been short of time, I need to re-gold a lot of skills.

November 19, 2016

Yeah, I get those. I'll generally extend my steak first thing in German immersion. Everything else is kind of play, and I'll be told about my XXXX day streak in Welsh, when I haven't done anything there for a week or two.

November 19, 2016

I have all email notifications disabled (except for the your translation is accepted ones) but every time a new course is added I have to switch the email notifications for that course off because they turn automatically on and it always sends me an email

but I was surprised that Romanian did not send me anything, even tho I only remembered to switch it off the next day (it was set to notify me at 5 AM)

November 20, 2016
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