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  5. "Without bread?"

"Without bread?"

Translation:Без хліба?

November 19, 2016



By the way, Хлебь and Chlebo(Polish) are obviously similar! Do they share their words each other?


Nice question!

The Ukrainian word хліб (Russian and Belorussian хлеб, Old East Slavic хлѣбъ, Polish chleb, Czech chléb, Slovakian chlieb, Bulgarian хля́б, Macedonian леб, Serbian хљѐб, хлѐб, Slovenian chlѐb, Old Church Slavonic хлѣбъ to name a few) comes from the Proto-Slavic *хlěbъ. It is assumed that the Proto-Slavic word was borrowed from the Proto-Germanic *hlaiba- (bread), Gothic hlaifs (also bread), the verb hleifr, Old English hlāf, Old High German hleib, leib (also bread), German Laib (a type of bread), which match with the Greek χλίβανος (utensils for baking bread). Apart from that there is a thought that this is a word commonly inherited from the Proto-Indo-European, but it's quite hard to combine the Slavic and the Germanic forms in one proto-form (PIE *(s)klōibh-).

We are all one big family here in Europe :) <3


Why is a 'а' added on the end?


The preposition без always requires the genitive case.

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