"Acestea sunt farfuriile bunicilor."

Translation:These are the plates of the grandparents.

November 19, 2016

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The grandparents' plates is correct. I am American and what I was taught is that the plural possessive requires an apostrophe after the s. The singular possessive has an apostrophe just before the s (the grandmother's plates).


Apostrophe comes after s.


Doesn't bunici mean either grandparents or grandfathers?


Yes, but also grandmothers :))

  • o bunică, două bunici = a grandmother, two grandmothers
  • un bunic, doi bunici = a grandfather, two grandfathers / a grandparent, two grandparents


I wrote "these are the plates of the grandparents" which is kind of a literal translation, but we would never say it like this in English. Correct: "These are the grandparents' plates." The apostrophe comes after s because it is plural posessive (i.e. belongs to more than one grandparent)

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