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  5. "Ο ίδιος ο θείος ήπιε κρασί."

"Ο ίδιος ο θείος ήπιε κρασί."

Translation:The uncle himself drank wine.

November 19, 2016



This sounds very strange to me. Does it mean that he drank by himself or that the one-and-only, incredibly amazing uncle drank wine? Why would one include the word himself in this sentence?


Indeed that sounds weird even as a Greek myself. So the correct way would be the second one you said; the one-and-only uncle drank wine. One could use it this way to say it to emphasize on the uncle, as if it's a story.


In that context, "that very uncle drank wine." ?


This sentence makes. It expresses emotion and surprise. No one expected the uncle to drink wine but he did.


This does not make sense in English. 'The uncle drank the wine himself' (ie he poured it for someone else but then drank it himself) would make sense but I don't know if that's the sense we are trying to learn in Greek.. Native Greek speakers please help.


That wasn't accepted, although i used that structure in other senteces, which were accepted. I agree that it would be great with some explanation of the sentences with ίδιο. τον εαυτός σου makes mire sense.


This does not mean "he drank the wine himself". It is used as emphasis which is why we use "the uncle himself drank the wine" and not "the uncle drank the wine himself'. "Although the uncle did not serve wine to his guests he himself drank wine." (Sounds like an awful host...) How about this: "The Queen herself opened the door.' One would not expect the Queen to be opening doors. (as far as I know.)


Αχ! Η δίκη η Βασιλισση ήπιε κρασί!

So, is this used a lot in daily speech, or just in fairy tales? Στα Παραμυθιά με μία βασίλισσα?


i believe uncle himself drank wine is correct as well.


IMHO this sentence is grammatically correct but it would be VERY rare for it to be hear or read anywhere, so DL shouls remove it or modify it to conform better to actual soeexh patterns. Otherwise the results could prove to be more counterproductive with those who are learning GR-EN / EN-GR.



should* remove it

actual speech* patterns


I don't imagine for a moment that this would be correct in Greek, but I feel I must point out that in idiomatic Irish English it is perfectly correct (or at least, understood) to say "Himself drank the wine". This would refer to whoever was previously mentioned or understood to be the person in question.

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