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Romanian Music

Bună, Romanian music is the best believe me , this what really made me fall in love with this beautiful language , I have started listening to this music since last December and I created a playlist that I keep updating occasionally , I kept digging and discovering new singers everytime I listen to a song , here you can check the playlist it's variant and contains all trending and famous songs ,also with this you'll help adjust your hearing and get used to the new accent , let yourself take in the sounds of the language as though you were listening to a new piece of music. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEJ_6mRc7d0x3cEKneJFufZe7D3lAFmg5 Enjoy :D and Have a NICE day !

November 19, 2016



Not to forget their anthem that sounds absolutely awesome


I just checked it out , indeed it is a very special one , mersi !


Have you heard the Moldovan National Anthem? "Limba Nostria"


Thanks so much this is amazing! :)


np , glad you liked it ^,^ !


If you want some great traditional Romanian Christmas music, I suggest the group Hora. Their music is amazing!


Wow! So many songs! This is exactly what I was looking for! I was looking for songs I could load into Spotify and listen to while I was at work to pick up some of the pronunciations. Thank you SO MUCH!


Commercial music and manele, is so degrading...


Maybe this post should help you get over your elitism and angsty antipop attitude, seeing how this is a playlist put together by a person who just genuinely liked how the songs sound (both music and language), who probably doesn't fully understand the lyrics and isn't affected by a toxic social context (like, I don't know, a xenophobically-motivated resentment towards manele).

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