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  5. "Irlanda nu mai este săracă!"

"Irlanda nu mai este săracă!"

Translation:Ireland is no longer poor!

November 19, 2016



Oh man, this whole module is so politically... incorrect in places.


I object to the notion that history should be forgotten out of political "correctness".

Nobody denigrates the Irish here, but we all should remember their historic hardship as in https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Famine_(Ireland)

(And yes, solidarity in Europe is a good thing, indeed !)


No, it's not. Ireland was, in fact, quite poor a country until just a few decades ago. It's like when people criticize Quentin Tarantino because he makes films in which his characters say "❤❤❤❤❤❤" a lot. That doesn't mean that the filmmaker is racist: he simply wants to recreate the historical ambience, language included, and in the XIX century's USA people referred to black people as "❤❤❤❤❤❤❤" normally. Ireland's not poor now, but it used to be. Stating historical facts is not politically incorrect. If anything, it would be negative to change how we recount history just because some people are bothered by past events.


The use of the N-word is offensive, inappropriate, and off-topic.


Actually, given this and the other sentence about English not being the language of Ireland, I think this isn't so much political incorrectness as an Irish lesson contributor expressing a bit of nationalist pride. :P


Poverty can be interpreted in so many ways....and throw in different statistics....true lack of poverty is a life rich in as much culture and relationships as wished with enough food for good health for everyone, opportunity for education and choice of occupation and interests for all regardless of circumstance or characteristics, justice and security including from climate, corruption, organised crime and natural disaster for all regardless of circumstance and characteristics ,effective positive accessible healthcare for all regardless of circumstance and characteristics, opportunity and feasibility to move easily across terrain, not owing money to anyone that could not instantly be repaid, warm safe affordable housing for all and the opportunity to be oneself, speak freely on any subject and contribute to life and enjoy it. Pretty much every country is still poor on most of those measurements, the good news is that more countries are getting better on more measures than at any time in history.... but there are many people whose greed and or thoughtlessness would happily throw people back into poverty...keep watch and speak out and strive on to reduce poverty for all! Some of the so called richest countries actually have massive debt and great inequality. No country is truly great if it is not constantly trying to reduce poverty in these widest terms for its own citizens and those of other parts of our interconnected world!


Ireland is rich thanks to the EU and US, and pays significantly less than its fair share of the EU budget. Ireland was incredibly poor from its independence until it joined the EU - you don't have to go back any further than that.


How come "The Ireland is not poor anymore" is incorrect translation?


In English we would never say "the Ireland" or "the France" or anything along those lines. Country names (and other proper nouns generally) aren't used with an article.


NB Google translate turns "Irlanda nu mai este săracă!" into "Ireland is no longer a slave!" which is even more offensive.


Is it just me, or does the voice say "Evlanda" rather than "Irlanda"?

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