"A raincoat"

Translation:Cot law

November 19, 2016

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There was a circumflex on the o in cot this time, but previously there has not been one Is this a mistake, or is it optional?


A variation - either is fine.


Why is it 1 word in English but 2 in welsh?


The vocabulary and grammar of Welsh and English are very different. Words do not necessarily translate one-for one. For example:

  • neithiwr - yesterday evening
  • nes ymlaen - later
  • echnos - the night before last


so does law mean rain?


glaw is the word for 'rain'. in this case it is being used as an adjective to describe cot ( a coat).

Later in the course we introduce the idea of 'mutations', a feature of Celtic languages where the letters at the start of a word can change in various circumstances. In this case the g- in glaw has been mutated by being removed.

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