"Prăjiturile din cuptor sunt pentru mama mea!"

Translation:The cupcakes from the oven are for my mother.

November 19, 2016



Prajituri can describe a multitude of desserts, really. You can't limit them to cupcakes.

March 11, 2017


True. We use "prăjituri" to describe a multitude of homemade "cakes".

March 30, 2018


Could this also mean "the cupcakes in the oven"? (Like prăjiturile de pe masă is the cupcakes on the table.)

December 19, 2016


Yes. I see it more as the cupcakes in the oven instead of from the oven. As in the cupcakes are in the oven at this moment. Otherwise I wouldn't refer to them as "din cuptor".

December 30, 2016


Pity the cupcakes in the oven is marked as incorrect then... :-(

January 15, 2017


accepted right now with the form ”the cakes in the oven...” (no cupcakes, no from, lazy to type, I chose the easiest way and it was accepted). However, it is not necessary that the cakes are in the oven at the moment of speech. Maybe there are many cakes on the table, some of which are from the oven, some other are from the computer... (well, what kind of water cooling do you have there? I can cook cakes and boil coffee on mine! :P). Those from the oven are for mom, don't touch them! (the Romanian sentence can mean either way, with equal probability).

February 9, 2017


"Cupcakes"?!? The American English idea of "cupcakes" doesn't exist in the traditional Romanian kitchen. Romanians don't traditionally bake little cakes in muffin tins on which they then put frosting. "Prăjituri" could be translated as "cakes," but also generically as "pastries."

February 20, 2018


why not cakes, why to complicate things

November 19, 2016


Because they are using the word "tort" for cake, so it's less confusing if prăjituri is always "cupcake". :)

December 10, 2016


See my long rant about this here.

March 19, 2017


Look at google translate for prăjituri-same company as duolingo! "Cupcake" is ridiculous

February 3, 2019
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