Swedish novels (especially Pippi Långstrump)?


Does anyone know where I can find the Pippi Långstrump books online? As in the whole series.

Are there also any other good Swedish books (preferably slightly lower-medium levelled) that I can find online? They can be versions of English books too, I don't mind.

I am aware of: and

November 19, 2016


You could try the Moomins (Mumintroll in Swedish) books. I wouldn't know where to find them for free online, but they're probably at the level you want.

November 20, 2016

+1 for Moomintroll! Also while you're reading Pippi, Ronia the Robber's Daughter is one of my favorites by Astrid Lindgren.

I think is what you're after. I pulled a URL for you — these are all their "Children Teens" titles in Swedish in e-book format.

ETA: I would be wary of translated texts, especially the cheap ones — stick to things written in Swedish, or translated by reputable sources. Otherwise you're likely to get stuck slogging through some awful translations of public-domain works.

November 22, 2016
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