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List of errors in a lesson.

After I complete a lesson (esp a timed one), I would like to have a way to see a list of the mistakes that I made, since that's exactly the stuff I need to make sure I don't mess up again. It would be great if you had a link with that info on completed lessons.

February 12, 2013



This would be cool.


Yeah, really especially for the timed ones. Once you've answered, the clock is still ticking, so you can't review your error or discussions in peace (or send a report).


Oh, yeah, it can come very handy to know what have you done wrong


Really good idea


M a beginner. can anybody please tell me, when i complete a lesson, it doesn't show on my homepage :/ why is that? i have answered all questions correct. I cannot open the next lesson too :(


I was about to leave this very suggestion before doing a search. An excellent idea.


This would help a great deal. When reviewing using a clock, I often don't look at my errors. The owl says to hurry, and I do. I would like to have a list of all the questions I got wrong, the answer I gave, and the answer I should have given. Slowing down to look at errors doesn't work well in clocked mode.


+1 Even if the practice is not timed, if I make a mistake when I'm out of hearts, I'm taken straight to the home page and I don't have time to review the last mistake I made.

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