"Peștele de pe masă este bun."

Translation:The fish from the table is good.

November 19, 2016

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Why de pe masă instead of pe masă or de masă?


"De" is used to connect another preposition (pe here) or an adverb to a noun. The sentence wouldn't be correct if it only had one or the other.


Okay, mulțumesc!


I wrote "The fish ON the table is good" and it was accepted, but the suggested solution is "The fish FROM the table is good." In the statement "Peștele de pe masă este bun", is it clear whether the fish is actually on the table right now, or can it mean both that the fish is on the table and that it has already been lifted from the table?


Interesting, mine was drag the words up (no free-style) and "on" wasn't a choice. I would have thought "on" myself, and was surprised it wasn't there.


Yorick848729, this discussion is associated with the sentence (all type of exercises). If a sentence has many correct translations, you will receive only one of them in the word bank. So, don't expect the word bank to offer you always the words contained in the best answer.


When it is said "peștele de pe masă este bun" (este at present tense) you can be sure the fish is still there. If the past tense of the verb is used you can assume it has already lifted and eated (peștele de pe masă a fost bun).


"The fish ON the table is good" is more likely to be used in English. "From" is more likely to appear in a sentence like "The fish FROM the supermarket is good".


Why isn't "The fish from on the table is good" an acceptable translation?


It is the only acceptable translation in my understanding of this sentence. If the fish is wooden and was made with part of the table, then yes, it was FROM the table--but I do not know how good it would taste! (Or should I say, "how good it "wood" taste?" lol sorry--I couldn't resist that!)


masa = the table, masă = table Is that uncorrect?


It is correct.

However, when preceded by a preposition and in lack of a pronoun or adjective, the noun in Romanian takes the indefinite form, although you would use the definite article in English.


  • The fish from the table is good. - Peștele de pe masă e bun.

  • The fish from my table is good. - Peștele de pe masa mea e bun.

  • The fish from the black table is good. - Peștele de pe masa neagră e bun.

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