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  5. "It is a puppy."

"It is a puppy."

Translation:El este un cățel.

November 19, 2016



Even though "puppy" is masculine (and "dog"), if the puppy/dog in question is a female dog, can the word be changed to feminine? In Spanish, it's taught that "dog", "puppy", "cat", etc. are masculine nouns, but then in real life, if you have a female animal, you can change the word to feminine.


Why is "Este o cățel" wrong? I thought I wrote it down from another sentence I'd seen before plus "o" was one of the options for translating "a" from English. Thanks!


Cățel, just like câine, is a masculine noun:

un cățel, doi căței

un câine, doi câini

You use "o" for feminine nouns only. Example:

pisică - cat

o pisică - one cat/a cat (it depends)


Thank you! I must have written it down wrong, then. Don't remember where I saw it.


You're welcome! Just remember the course is still in beta, it is far from perfect. If you see something that seems wrong, you can always report it.


so, un căţel(uş) is a puppy and un căţel de usturoi is a bunch of garlic?

what's the etymology behind it? Someone knows?


why catelus and not catel

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