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"My older brother is that tall boy in the back."

Translation:A bátyám az a magas fiú ott hátul.

November 19, 2016



Is 'ott' necessary here?


It is not but it makes more sense in Hungarian with "ott" because you are quite pointing out somebody. If you want to leave the "ott" you should mention where exactly. However "A bátyám az a magas fiú hátul." makes sense too, it's just too general (where behind?).

My....tall boy behind the girls. (e.g.)

Nevertheless if "over there" had been put into the English sentence it would have been better for learners.


Thanks for the explanation. If I understand you, hátul needs some definition of space.


Well, not exactly. If you use a definiton you would use rather "mögött". I give you a situation:

- Where do you sit? - In the back. - Where "in the back? - Behind the girls.

- Hol ülsz? - Hátul. - Hol hátul? - A lányok mögött.

OR Where are the apples? - In the back of the storage / In the storage, in the back.

Hol vannak az almák? - A raktár hátuljában. / A raktárban, hátul.

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