"Prietenie sau dușmănie?"

Translation:Friendship or enmity?

November 19, 2016

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I don't think I have ever heard "enmity" used in conversation in British English. For me, it seems like a strange choice for inclusion in duolingo on that basis.


Same for American English.


Fascinating discussions here. "Enmity" is a very literary word in English, though it certainly does exist. "Hatred" is the normal word, I think. (English native speaker)


I agree there’s overlap but hatred is ură in day to Day language


Could someone tell me if there is a difference in meaning between ”dușman” und ”vrăjmaș”? My feeling is that ”vrăjmaș” expresses a higher degree of hate while ”dușman” may just be someone who is against me.


Vrăjmaș is an archaism. You won't ever hear it outside of folk tales or historical texts. Meaning is identical but maybe more of a political context


I think I can understand why it is archaic. Hindi also has "dușman" as "enemy". Maybe it's Proto Indo-European.


Dushman is a persian word, that was borrowed to romanian from turkish. Also I know that hindi borrowed many words from persian.


Probably... In Romanian it has been identified as coming from Turkish in medieval times


DUȘMÁN, -Ă, dușmani, -e, s. m. și f., adj. 1. (Persoană) care are o atitudine ostilă, răuvoitoare față de ceva sau de cineva, care urăște ceva sau pe cineva; vrăjmaș. 2. Inamic (1) (în război).

VRĂJMÁȘ, -Ă, vrăjmași, -e, s. m. și f., adj. 1. S. m. și f. Dușman; inamic. 2. Adj. (Despre oameni) Dușmănos, învrăjbit. ♦ Rău, crud, câinos, hain. ♦ (Despre locuri, vreme etc.) Primejdios, potrivnic; cumplit, grozav.

I recommend https://dexonline.ro/definitie/vr%C4%83jma%C8%99 you can find there also examples. Yes, both have the same meaning


Is enmity "enemy-ship"?


Something like that. Dușmănie could be translated as "hostility" or "animosity".


I don't believe one has to feel hatred, a very strong negative emotion, to feel enmity. It can just be hostility or animosity, as mentioned, or rivalry or conflict.


Why not use hostility? Enmity is very archaic.


Because hostility ("ostilitate") implies a different connotation. Armies or countries are hostile to each other, usually tied to an even or place in time. Dusman can be an enemy but also someone you have a lifelong hatred for, someone you feel deep enmity towards


You should have accepted the word I use here: AMITY. AMITY also means FRIENDSHIP.


Is this the Romanian equivalent of " friend or foe " perhaps ?


enmity should be changed to animosity. I have literally never heard of this word.


wouldn't "friends or enemies" be more like what we would say in English?

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