"Voi mâncați supă sau orez?"

Translation:Do you eat soup or rice?

November 19, 2016

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Does Romanian not have an equivalent for "do"? It seems the only difference between the question "do you eat soup or rice?" vs. the statement "you eat soup or rice" is the question mark at the end.


Adding to what cezarmio said: in speech, there is a difference in tone, quite noticeable. Unfortunately, the TTS can't seem to be able to produce it.


No, there is no "extra word" you add when you ask a question.


yeh, its the same in french.


English is the only language that has this word s like do/did.


Not the only one. It's just kind of rare, at least in European languages. Using some sort of word or particle to mark a statement as a question actually isn't too rare.

en: Do you eat soup or rice?
eo: Ĉu vi manĝas supon aŭ rizon?
po: Czy jesz zupę czy ryż?
ja: スープや米を食べます


No, no. In my native Serbian it also has a questionable word "je li" / "da li".

Do you eat soup or rice? = Da li jedeš supu ili pirinač?


Is this an inclusive "or" or a question asking which one a group of people eats?


eat you soup or rice....... nu e bine?


No, it is not correct. You have to use "do" for a question in English.

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