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I've made an Android app to review learned words (same as in "Review Flashcards")

Hello everyone. As you know, current mobile app doesn't allow you to review learned words, so I've made a small app just for that.

It shows your list of known words (same as in "Words" section) and allows to test yourself using flashcards (same as in "Review flashcards" section), it also works in offline. To login, use same credentials as for Duolingo site. Your login and password are sent directly to Duolingo servers. And of course it's free and without any ads or in-apps.


November 19, 2016



You could improve your Android app vs DuoLingo web words flashcard.

  • do not only show 15 words
  • show 25 to 50 words for review like Memrise
  • prompt if you want to learn 1-bar, 2-bar or 1-to-2 bar strength words
  • learn ALL 1-to-2 bar strength words ignoring any 15/25/50 word limit settings
  • updated: retrieve (only) NEW un-learned words via API from skills (word not already in words list)

Is there maybe a DuoLingo word / vocabulary API where you can modify the internal DuoLingo words listing for:

  • what words / flashcards to show
  • modify the "last used" column
  • modify the strengthening 1-2 bars back to 3...

I found an old thread with info about DuoLingo vocabularly JSON API (taken down at that time) :-)

The web review flashcard thing does not behave as many learners expect, depending on the course, according to many many threads.


Duolingo API is very limited, you can ask for specified amount of words, and then you send which words you've got right and which one you've got wrong. You can't select which words to get, they are selected on duolingo side. I suppose it should possible to manually select words from the whole list, test locally, and then send results to duolingo. For now, I'll at least add an ability to select number of flashcards to show.


I installed your app within BlueStacks Android emulator.
When i clicked the blue button 8 words have been shown. When I start "flashcards review" on the website, DuoLingo shows 15.

Does DuoLingo use the word count automatically or can you make it configurable when polling DuoLingo for words?

You already told me that there is no way with the API to tell DuoLingo to give all 1-2 strength words.


I've released new version that allows you to configure amounts of words per test.


How do we know our login credentials are secure?


You can view source code: https://github.com/TriangleLeft/Flashcards. This app is fully open-source.


Cool thanks! I was just checking :) thanks for taking the time to make this.


Love FOSS :} ... good man, here's a lingot ;}

Heck, make it two, one for the main post as well! ;D

How hard would it be to implement Google OAuth? :) I don't have a name/password combo for Duo ;)


Thank you, Google OAuth would be impossible do add, as it is linked to particular app only, in this case - official one.


Shame :} ... thanks for responding!


Neato. Danke, I'll check it out some time soon.


How do you create games and/or apps?


You have to learn the code language that Android apps are programmed in, like Java. You can Google it to to learn more.


You left out the keyword "DuoLingo" in your Play store for the app name. Is there a reason?

I could not find your app when searching for "DuoLingo FlashCards".


Yes, Play Store didn't allow me to have Duolingo word in description. Probably something to do with trademark.


Has anyone tested the app from lekz on the new DuoLingo test plattform as alpha/beta user?
Is the words backend API supported / developed yet on it?


Dude! This is awesome!


Update: Sorry...I have overseen my own posting from 03/11/2017.

Has anyone already tested if this app is still compatible with the new portal Scala code and their flashcards API?

There are SO many people asking what is going on with the words tab.
On the new portal the green "Review flashcards" button on the right has been deactivated for me (I do not use it anyways, I use Memrise).

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