November 19, 2016

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Why does it keep telling me "mulțumesc" is a wrong translation? :(


Mulțumesc is the formal way of thanking someone. I would translate it as "thank you".


you assume 'thanks' is informal. it is not. 'many thanks for your continued support' is no more formal than 'thank you for your continued support'. english speakers tend to speak more when they want to be more polite. the only place true grammatical formality exists is in our pronouns (thou, thee, ye).


Yes, you are right, I just found 'thanks' to be a little bit less formal than 'thank you', but I'm no native speaker. In Romanian, however, 'mersi' is definitely informal.


your intuition is on point. english speakers generally assume shorter = less formal, but we also tend to think of less formal as either incorrect or "bad" english, so we're hesitant to use it in writing. :(


Not true. Thanks is very much an informal world and it's not just because it's shorter. Not that I agree with your pronoun statement, but 'you' itself is a pronoun and by your logic if it's all about the pronoun then removing it from the sentence makes it less formal. 'Thanks' removes the 'you', therefore it's less formal.


But isn't "many thanks" something else? The question at hand seems whether someone would use, in a speech or similar, "thanks for your continued support".


Thanks is mersi and thank you is multulesc, because it thank YOU, Thanks=mersi Thank you= (iti) multumesc and I tank you=eu iti multumesc


It's the same as thanks vs. thank you... Mersi vs mulțumesc


Should be both multumesc and mersi....


i am from Romania and ”multumesc” is the good translation


Mersi completely wrong. Husband and morher in law are native romanian speakers and while french was popular in eastern Europe it is not part of their language.


We have a discussion here about the exclamative sentence "Thanks!" and not about the word "thanks". It is informal in English, i understand that. But in Romanian the informal "Mersi!" , imported from french is so obsolete and so unused that you should accept "Mulțumesc!" as a good translation !


Mersi nu este acceptat.


I strongly think it should also be "thank you"


Acel moment cand bei paine :))))))

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