"Fata nu mănâncă mărul și ea bea sucul."

Translation:The girl is not eating the apple and is drinking the juice.

November 20, 2016

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I think "but" would be better here instead of "and".


What makes the indefinite article wrong in this sentence?


"Fată nu manancă mărul" it's the same like "Girl doesn't eat the apple".

I'm not sure if in English "Girl" makes any sense without "The" in the previous sentence (could be a general truth?!).... but in Romanian "Girl" must be a definite article. (We know the girl, or we can see her...so we use the definite article).

Generally "o" and "fată" (a girl) are an inseparable couple, counting just a few exceptions. (like "fată mare" = virgin, "fată bătrană" = old virgin, "fată in casă" = maid.....etc)


In English the word maid can mean a household servant or an unmarried woman. I presume that here you're using it in the former sense?

We also have the phrase (using the latter sense of the word), 'old maid' meaning an older unmarried woman. I presume that when you say 'old virgin' that is what you mean.


Yeah, in English you'd say "the girl doesn't eat the apple." It wouldn't sound right without the definite article. Guess it's the same in Romanian?

Multumesc :).


You are right:

fată = girl and fata = the girl
Pay attention to the last letter!

față / fața means face / the face


I would like to know that, too. Is this a general rule?


Im confused on the difference between "fata" and "fată"


"fata" means "THE girl" whereas "fată" means "[a] girl"


Sounds like an exercise in Boolean logic.


The sentence has been flagged for deletion and will not be included in the next course.


I wrote "The girl is not eating the apple and she drinks the juice" and that came out to be incorrect. Is it so it must be "The girl does not..."? Thanks!


Why do we jave to repear the subject???


Ea means she, then why it's wrong if i translate "and she drinks the juice"?

[deactivated user]

    I wrote doesn't instead of does not. it's not a mistake.


    I get the impression that ă is pronounced like ы in Russian (or y in Polish) and â like a longer one. Is that incorrect?

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