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  5. "Ananașii sunt acri."

"Ananașii sunt acri."

Translation:The pineapples are sour.

November 20, 2016



Any reason for the s-ș mutation here?


The reason is adding the "-i" for the plural (ananas - ananași).
These are some basic mutations that happen in this case:
-s/-ș: pas - pași (step - steps)
-t/-ț: deștept - deștepți (smart --- adjective)
-d/-z: bard - barzi (bard - bards)
-st/-șt: poveste - povești (story - stories)
-str/-ștr: astru - aștrii (star - stars)
-sc/-șt: broască - broaște (frog - frogs)
-șc/-șt: pușcă - puști (rifle - rifles)

Of course, there are some exceptions (e.g. nădejde - nădejdi (hope - hopes)), but these should cover a lot of words.


Needs adding to the light bulb explanation at the beginning of the lesson. Thank you for these examples here!

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