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"I only read the popular books."

Translation:Tôi chỉ đọc những cuốn sách phổ biến.

November 20, 2016



What is the difference between the classifiers "cuốn" and "quyển"?


Cuốn is an earlier borrowing of the same Chinese loan-word (卷) and is more popularly used by Southern Vietnamese speakers. There is a difference though and it lies in the fact that you can use cuốn for rolls of food. e.g. A rice paper roll = Gỏi cuốn/Nem cuốn/Bánh tráng cuốn. You would never use quyển with that.


Why is

Tôi chi đọc sách phổ biến

being zapped? I was assuming the sentence, as usual, was adding a superfluous 'the' and really meant "I only read popular books' as in generic books.


Cuốn and quyền not interchangeable?!

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