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"Kati is looking through this man."

Translation:Kati átnéz ezen a férfin.

November 20, 2016



Is this an expression? Does is mean she ignores him or something like that?


It means she ignores hím.


I think I know what it means. Based on German.

This man is eg talking and telling wonderful tales, but she is not easily fooled. She sees thru his lies / him and sees ("thru") his true character.

Is there an expression for this?

to suss sb? to psych sb? to read sb? to see thru him?
Especially the last one sounds very much the same, but I am not sure if any of those really mean the same.

Edit: seems like "Kati átlát ezen a férfin." means what i thought this here means. And this means ignoring someone. I think "to ghost someone" exists? (this átnéz expression does not exist in German in this way as far as I know).


Kati is a coroner.


My dictionary says Keresztul means through or across when travelling. I think this is just another really badly translated sentence to make us use atnez. In my opinion many of these sentences which we have to translate would never be used in English - I'm English.


Is Kati a kindergarten teacher with X-ray vision or is it idiomatic as tedguerrier suggests?


I used 'keresztulnez ezzen a ferfin'. I know I spelled ezen with double z but I think it was the keresztulnez instead of atnez which made it wrong. Can one not say 'kersztulnez' here? I believe it is meant to express that she sees through him as in, she knows what he is all about.

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