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Discussion of Irish Language on PRI

Public Radio International

Great podcast on Irish. It discusses history of Irish/Ireland, Gaelic revival, opposition to the language, and challenges learners have faced.

At the bottom of the page is a link to TG Lurgan's video of Avicii's "Wake Me Up!" as Gaeilge.

Podcast Contents

0:10 My father learned Irish in a new nation.

1:42 "There was an enormous psychological resistance to learning the language"

2:20 The beginnings of Irish.

4:10 The crucial initial moment in the decline of Irish.

5:20 How the Catholic Church helped the colonial government drive the language to the fringes of society.

6:30 "A generation has to come to believe that their language is a burden."

8:10 The Gaelic revival.

9:50 Jim McCloskey summers in a Gaeltacht, an Irish-speaking region.

13:10 Iarla O'Halloran grew up initially speaking Irish.

14:35 "There was an ideological aspect" to the Irish language curriculum in schools.

16:30 Iarla discovers idiomatic, scatalogical Irish. (Irish has a ton of wonderful expressions.)

17:45 The support of the diaspora.

18:05 An American family of distant Irish ancestry speaks Irish at home.

19:00 Jaye Padgett explains the consonant pronunciation project that he's working on with colleagues at UC-Santa Cruz and University College, Dublin.

21:50 Language purists message to the new urban Irish: don't mess with the language.

22:50 A new perspective: the role of Irish in the global context of the loss of linguistic diversity.

27:10 Patrick's father's regrets.

Music in the podcast

0:00 "Dramamine" by Podington Bear

6:00 "Interference" by Hugo Paquette

11:05 "Coinleach Glas an Fhómhair" by Róisín Elsafty

14:52 "The Mussels" by Osvaldo Cibils

20:42 "Calm" by Alexander Boyes

24:00 Stiofán Ó Fearaíl sings an Irish language version of the Aviici song, "Wake Me Up" The video features students at the Coláiste Lurga in Indreabhán, County Galway.

November 20, 2016



Counting Stars is better as gaelge than Wake Me Up.


Thanks. This was an interesting program to listen to.


I'm in graduate school currently and love digging deeper on topics to find out the "why".

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