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Shouldn't we be learning the noun genders?

Like every Romance language I'm aware of, Romanian has a male/female noun distinction. Yet, we aren't actually taught the genders of any nouns. We don't learn un șoarece or o carte, we just learn șoarece and carte.

Why is that? In the French course, we learn every noun alongside its definite article. Does Romanian drop articles, or is this planned to be added, or what?

November 20, 2016



Put it in the beta discussion post


As a general rule. Feminine nouns usually end in a vowel and neuter/masculine ones end in a consonant


I understand that Romanian has a neuter gender too, and that the neuter gender takes the masculine article in the singular and the feminine article in the plural. So "un" could mean masculine OR neuter. Maybe that's the reason?


It requires some amount of additional work, but I use: http://dictionare.com/ when I learn a new word. It gives me every possible declension so I can organise my learning process better. .


Dictionare looks interesting, but if you know the correct base term (and that's not always obvious to a novice like me !), then http://ro.wiktionary.org/ is suprisingly useful. For most nouns there's normally a table at the bottom right, which will give the gender and various declensions.

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