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  5. "Tortul este pe masă!"

"Tortul este pe masă!"

Translation:The cake is on the table!

November 20, 2016



So, if I wanted to say "the cake is one a table," it would have to be "tortul este pe o masă"?


Why is "masă" not using the definite article? Wouldn't "pe masa" be "on the table"?


After certain prepositions, such as 'pe', you don't need to use the demonstrative adjective.


Most Romanian prepositions (such as pe) do not govern the definite article (cu being a notable exception). It's different when the noun is determined further; I think the definite article would, for instance, be used in „pe masa mea.“

I apologize to Peppermint-kiss if s/he intended to explain just this; I could not make much of the expression demonstrative adjective.


Can "este" be shortened to "e"?

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