"Fata are un armăsar."

Translation:The girl has a stallion.

November 20, 2016

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I keep seeing am and are and subconsciously decide that they must mean "to be" instead of "to have". Thanks, English! Now you've gone and turned a girl into a horse.


Luckily for me being a native Swedish speaker "are" makes sense since in Swedish it's "har".


I am constantly trying to remember the difference between to be and to have at this point, too. I'm sure it'll get easier with practice and time.


In Romanian, "stallion" has two meanings: "armăsar”=”male horse” and a slang meaning, ”armăsar”=”a very sexually active man”. So, we do not know what kind of stallion the girl has :))) (Oh, I forgot: it's Chapter "Animals". Sorry!) For details, see: www.wordreference.com/enro/stallion/


In French we have the same : Un étalon ( that's the horse) and the other meaning is like you say. So when i saw this sentence, I immediatgely had to laugh !


The same in English... I think "stallion" means the same kind of man in most languages.


yeah in Russian it's the same also


The second meaning of the word is more useful to a foreigner learning Romanian.


The Romanian word for stallion sounds like the Spanish verb 'almorzar, which means "to have lunch". Coincidence?


I doubt it. it is rather Turkish or Arabic. In Spanish the stallion is "Un semental" ( comes from "semen" ! ALMORZAR may have an Arabic origin like most of the Spanish words beginning with "AL" o "AC" or "AZ" for instance aceituna ( olive) comes from Arabic "as-zeitun" Azucar ( sugar) comes from " as-sukr) . Cotton, Spanish Algodon, comes from Arabic " Al-qutun" I will have a look at that. Etymology is so interesting.


While in the Philippines 'almusal' means breakfast XD


Amazing, thanks Duo xD


What's the difference between stud and stallion? Apparently the former isn't accepted


Stallion = male horse. Stud = male horse used for breeding.

Obviously, all studs are stallions, but not all stallions are studs.

EDIT: I should say all horse studs. One can have studs of other animals.

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