Translation:In front of them?

November 20, 2016



There are no words in English potent enough to describe how wrong this sounds. And yet, I fail to think of a better translation.


To in front of them.


That sounds good! :-)


I guess the natural translation would leave a lot to context.
"Go and sit in front of them!"
"In front of them??"


Even shorter in German: vor sie :-)


I agree.

As seems to happen in this course, they're taking a concise concept in Hungarian that requires a more expansive English translation, looking for a concise English equivalent, failing to find one, and insisting instead on a short English phrase which is either unnatural, misleading, or both.

Really these sorts of concepts should not be in this level of course at all. I haven't done the German-English course but I'm willing to bet that "Das ewig Weibliche zieht uns hinan" is not there, and with good reason.


You have it right. All the time and energy goes to explaining how the English might in fact fit the Hungarian and precious little of what precisely I am supposed to be learning with this phrase. I may learn it, but I wont use it because I don't know how.


you fooled me again Duo - you hint "to before them", which I wrote, thinking it strange, and then you marked it wrong; ok, you've had your fun, but I would really like you to teach me how to use Hungarian


Amit felajánl fordításként, az nem jó! to before them Pedig magamtól ezt írtam volna: in front of them

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