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"You are men and you have children."

Translation:Voi sunteți bărbați și voi aveți copii.

November 20, 2016



Is there any reason these words are being introduced in strengthening exercises that don't actually teach you the words to begin with? This is very sloppy.


Why iar and not și?


Is there any difference between "Iar" and "Și" ?


Iar is "but" and si is "and". The correct answer should only be number one and not number 3.


I didn't repeat the second "voi" and I thought it would be right. Did I make a mistake? Could somebody explain me what is wrong there?


it is right. you dont even need the first 'voi' cause you can tell by the verb 'sunteti' which person you re reffering to


"voi" is you plural so the correct translation should be "you all" or "y'all"


Only in certain parts of the English speaking world, in particular the southern USA. In most places where English is the native language "y'all" is seldom if ever used even conversationally. Occasionally, "you all" will be used for clarity, but not as a general practice. It is certainly never wrong to say simply "you" for the 2nd person plural in English.


romanian makes me crazy when I read EVERY sentence here


Duo "sînteți" is not a typo. You can use both sunteți/sînteți.


Well, "sînteți" is rather a regional dialect form of "sunteți".


No in fact it was the word that was used in the past but now since the late 20th century people start to use sunteti more. But either are correct.


How can i write the right answer without having access to the accentuated letters?


"You" can be "tu" and "voi" as well in Romanian


I tried this: "Voi sunteți bărbați și tu ai copii," as though the first half of the sentence were addressed to a group of men and the second to another, single person. Was not accepted, but I think it ought to have been.

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